About Me

Hey there,Nick


I’m Nick. Welcome to Eat-Healthy-Food and thanks for dropping by! I’m here to share energizing plant-based food I enjoy everyday.

Eat-Healthy-Food is a healthy lifestyle blog with a focus on delicious vegetarian recipes. My goal is to inspire you embrace a healthy, affordable lifestyle simple and easy to sustain without feeling the least bit deprived !

Eat-Healthy-Food features a growing number of delicious recipes, exercices that help you to get/stay fit and product reviews for a variety of needs. You can find here healthy, “green” recipes to help you feel your best, quick and easy meals for busy people and ideas for beginner cooks. Here we’re discussing about vegetarianism/veganism and the transition to a “green” lifestyle. Also how can we get all the nutrients your body needs and building healthy grocery lists.


I’ve created Eat-Healthy-Food because I’m passionate about promoting vegetarianism/veganism, a healthy/  balanced lifestyle and the love for animals. I’ve decided to help people everywhere understand that we don’t need meat to survive and even if meat tastes good it has a bad impact on our health, the environment  and not at least our “addiction” to meat creates a great deal of suffering to animals. I know the idea of giving up on meat is pretty scary for many people but there are many benefits to this lifestyle and once you got used to it will be impossible not to fall in love with it. By the way, you will be saving innocent lives in the process. Isn’t that great?

         Some of the other things

I like to do are: relaxing at home with a good movie, navigating on the web and going out with friends. I’m sure you will enjoy your stay.